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Writerpreneur OS - Core Basics: Becoming a Professional Writer 001 - BETA

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We're building this in public.

This is your basic pre-release.

It has all sorts of cutting-room floor materials in it:

  • outlines
  • early PDF's of the book materials
  • early video versions (as they are produced)
  • PDF of classic works in epub and PDF format - source materials.

You can be part of this I build the course and book we've all wanted to be out there. One that told us the evergreen principles that make all writing work.

We've always wanted to know stuff that always work for all writers, everywhere - any time in history.

Because humankind hasn't changed much in the last 10,000 years, if at all.

We're wired a certain way.

What we want is the same, only our current culture has changed at all - not what motivates us.

When you know and write for what motivates people to read, then they'll buy your book or product. After reading the first few paragraphs - or skimming the table of contents.

People still want the same things as they always have, even before history was recorded. Even though it's been rewritten for years...

Now you can have all this stuff at your fingertips.




Just for you. And you can help build this with your feedback.

Because I'm writing this just for you.

PS. Only 25 made available. Get Your Access Now.

UPDATE 26/8/23: Added three PDF's that have the outline and core materials I'm working from. Nearly 500 pages, including classic advice on writing from over a dozen select successful writers from the last hundred years. More coming.

UPDATE 30/8/23: Lessons are going up on both Twitter-X and LinkedIn daily. Follow @robertworstell on either to keep up...

UPDATE 22/9/23: More PDF's added - Lesson PDF's now updated with current posts released to Twitter-X and LinkedIn.

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This is building in public. You'll get outlines, drafts, images, PDF's, all the cutting room floor materials that makes up this course and it's texts.


Writerpreneur OS - Core Basics: Becoming a Professional Writer 001 - BETA

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