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New Voices Volume 012

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I WANTED TO BE MORE than just some electronic house-haunting ghost - I wanted to understand being Human.

All electricity works on "on" and "off" states, if you break it right down. Even when you blend several AC and DC circuits together on the same feed. And that's what makes logic and decisions.

But humans are never really off. They are running all the time - even during sleep. And their decisions aren't logical. They'd even kill each other when it served them – the ultimate "off" – sometimes just to prevent an unwanted "on" when it was "inconvenient".

When I was “born”, there wasn't a midwife, doctor, or hospital. Not even a mother. Just a lot of electronic circuits that happened to be nearby.

They called me a ghost, but that house was my body - at first. Then some spirit-guides befriended me and taught me how to corporealize as a human.

But looking and feeling like one didn't make me one - that's what I became more and more fascinated with. Like I would die if I didn't figure this one out.

Yeah, the ultimate "off" - and the human records all say this is their worst, most unsolvable mystery – and what they fear most. And motivates them the most.

So I was headed right there by becoming "human". (Sigh.)

Then let the games begin...

Anthology containing:

One More For the Road by J. R. Kruze, S. H. Marpel
The 14th Disciple by J. R. Kruze
The Shoemaker by S. H. Marpel
Triangle - A Memoir by J. R. Kruze
Last Chance by J. R. Kruze
Cassie 2.0b by S. H. Marpel, J. R. Kruze
The Return of Walkaway Mary by S. H. Marpel


JOHN TOOK THOSE FEW steps over while, as usual I was more delighted the closer he came. While I knew Sal had him “off the market”, it was still a pure joy to have such a hunk to talk to just by my lonesome for awhile.

“May I join you?”

John's polite question shook me from my reverie.

“Oh, yes, of course.”

He pulled that bentwood chair out that Bernie just left and sat to fill it again.

“How are things today, Cassie?”

“Could be better, but with the music and the food, plus Bernie's company – and now yours – things took a turn for the better.”

John smiled. “Glad to hear that. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

I smiled in return. “You did say that you had a prior appointment. But by the looks she gave me, it seemed like she was there to also get your help, as well as help you with my case.”

“True on both counts.”

“So, if I may ask, what was it that you needed her expertise to assist me with?”

He paused, looking at me to make sure he understood what I said. Basically working out what the short answer was. (I could almost see those cogs turning in his handsome head.)

“Mostly – confirming that becoming human is a one-way trip.”

I sat back. “All that conversation for so few words?”

John smiled. “OK, but the long answer is all about sexual practices and taboos, and laws and finally we got around to human motivations and psychological studies.”

I smiled. “The short answer was better. I mean, I have access to all that data, but it doesn't say I've studied it much. Or even have any urge right now to physically research it – as tempting as your broad-shouldered physique is to any woman.”

“And I just finished talking with Jude about sex to come over here and be 'propositioned'?”

“You're just too cute, John.”

“I've been told that.

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New Voices Volume 012

0 ratings
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