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Avoiding Online Dating Pitfalls

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Online Dating is a bit better than the age-old message-in-a-bottle system - just slightly.

Although they are very similar. And for most, they get about the same results.

Everyone, even hermits, would love to have a significant other in their life – to share their mutual experiences and life stories.

Romance, it's called. And anyone who's read or watched these types of stories will know that this area is already booby-trapped. It's only made worse with trying to put it online with scammers integrated into the process.

Look, there are two bottom lines to all these dating sites you need to know:

1) The Dating Sites only continue to make money if you don't find that significant other, and keep buying all their add-on's, as well as continuing to re-subscribe.

2) The real goal to pursue is to first develop a deep friendship built on trust.

Out of those two, you can work out most of what this book covers.

I've had my own success, and I've moved on. I've met many friends and found one deep friendship out of these which has made everything worthwhile – and looks to continue far into my future.

And my profile has given me a lot of originated comments about how well it was written, and wishes that they lived closer to take me up on what I offered there.

This “Dating Game” can be won.

But you have to know the real rules, not what they are telling you.

And so this book was written. These sites can be safely navigated, You can find what you are looking for. Just not the way you've been pitched.

Best of luck with your own search.

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Avoiding Online Dating Pitfalls

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