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Audience First - Books that Sell (Project)

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The entire reason any home-based or small business entrepreneur's book doesn't sell is simple:

They didn't study the exact audience for their book and write that book their audience wanted.

But that's usually because they've bought into the “conventional wisdom” which has been spread through their fast-and-easy approaches to ebook publishing. The current fad. The one that says if you just write and publish it, then it will sell.

The underlying, time-tested model – which you can find through the long history of publishing and also in the shorter history of movie and TV show production – proves that sales come with certainty only when you have an audience who wants to invest their own time or money (or both) into your published book or produced script.

Traditional publishing has gatekeepers that keep non-selling books off the market. Movie and TV producers are gatekeepers for investors who don't want to sink money into a screenplay that no one will want to watch.

Our modern self-publishing scene has no real gatekeepers. And so has been polluted with more ebooks than anyone can keep up with. These cannot be easily found on Amazon, as they have been buried by more incoming books within minutes. And why Amazon makes so much money selling advertising to authors.

All while the latest available study of Amazon authors show that only four-tenths of one percent make over $50K from their book sales alone.

What happens when you narrow down to a buying audience and then write for them? They buy your book, once they can find it. Because you've written a book to sell, one that will sell. And you let them know it was available to buy. Because they are now your audience, not some ebook distributor's.

This process takes the guesswork out of writing. Because you've done your homework. Any home-based or small business entrepreneur can learn this. It doesn't require an English degree. Or any other training than you've already had.

But you do have to know how to find your audience and collect them.

That's what we're building this book to describe to you.

It's a skill-set that few have discovered for themselves – and you can count on perhaps the fingers of a single hand those who have actually published this principle itself to the world. Many have stumbled onto it without knowing how core a principle it is.

Even though this process is the only real successful way to get books sold routinely. And it's been utilized through history for that reason.

This process was well-described in several text books by a professor named Walter S. Campbell. And he ran the most effective professional writing course in the world for some ten years. But as you would guess, his texts are now out of print and mostly forgotten.

You are in luck, though. His landmark texts have been recovered and excerpted so you can study what made himself a prolific author, selling in both non-fiction and fiction.

In this book, we'll take up this single point – how to find your audience and write what they want.

Yes, of course it's hard work. While it seems contrary to conventional “wisdom”, you'll soon see that the principles covered here show up again and again in various marketing texts.

You want to get the time-tested and trusted material to study on this specific principle. To speed your writing and elevate your book sales from here on out.

But we have only a limited number of seats available in our membership section.

For now, this membership has free access. But yes, as soon as it's ready for pre-sale, the list price is going to jump dramatically...

Get your access now.

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What you get: this material in digital formats - epub, PDF, mp4, mp3. Plus updates and "cutting room floor" material delivered by email.

Excerpts from classic texts by veteran authors
Who wants to listen to some inexperienced wannabe writer when you can find real nuggets of gold from established authors whose books continue to sell - regardless of whether they are still around to hear about it?
All videos here are also provided as text.
And this then builds the course based on the videos, based on the text. Examine and study the format you like best. (Oh, and we'll probably link to the print versions when they are ready...)
Everything is boiled down to core principles you can test.
Because "truth is as valuable as it is workable." And these core principles have been around since before books were written, much less printed. These are natural principles, which always have and always will work.
Your feedback is important.
So you can (and really should) leave comments everywhere. And I can answer your questions about anything here. After all - you're the audience for this book. And so, you have the most important job here.
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Audience First - Books that Sell (Project)

0 ratings
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