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The Strangest Secret Collection

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With complete certainty, I can tell you now – from my more than half-century of existence:

  • Any and all successes, as well as all my disappointments are directly traced to the principles in this book.
  • For any set-back or failure, I either didn't know these principles, didn't understand their power, or simply ignored them.
  • For every success, I have tracked back to taking these exact steps laid out in this book - to achieve, acquire, or attain whatever it was I wanted to be or have.

And that experience is why I'm bringing out this short book you can have to carry with you and review regularly.

Inside Earl Nightingale's original “Strangest Secret” recording, he mentions several books that support these ideas. If you put them together, the length is around 700 pages of text.

What you are reading here is around a hundred.

And this is designed to be slim and still contain the power of the best references that can educate and reinforce the key success principles Nightingale tested, then recorded in 1956.

That one 78 RPM long-playing disc was the first Gold Record for a spoken-word album. And started an entire industry of recorded self-improvement books.

First retiring at the top of his field in his 30's, he went on to make several successful careers after that as an entrepreneur. And credits his breakthrough success to finding a copy of Napoleon Hill's “Think and Grow Rich” in a Chicago book store. By that weekend, he had discovered in that book his now-renown strangest secret - “We Become What We Think About.”

A review of Hill's book by Nightingale is included here as an overview, along with Hill's key 6-step formula that 10-x'd Nightingale's own income in a matter of months – and then, as a simple test, 10-x'd it again a few months after that.

You won't find anything unproved here. Nothing but classic, trusted, core essays that remind you of the other references that have positively affected your life. And what you won't find here is anything beyond the pared-down basic material.

This book is short, to the point, and well-worth studying over and over and over – in the short spaces of time you have.

The additional essays by Earl Shoeff and J. B. Jones are built from Jones' distilling Hill's material into an even simpler format – after he tested them by starting in his living room and building a 8-figure national corporation within 5 years.

And when you complete this book, it's just in time for you to start over and internalize everything covered here by re-reading all over again. Over and over, until you know them by heart.

This also means you should test everything you find here. Just because so many people have been rave about every essay or short book included here, doesn't mean you are going to get that same result.

Test, study, and test again. Build your faith, burnish your goals until they shine bright as if burning with an inner flame.

Your results are what you make them. Just as you become what you think about all the time.

Fill your mind with these few principles, and you may very well be able to fill your life with unlimited success.

This anthology contains:

  • The Strangest Secret
  • Your Magic of Believing
  • How to Get Everything You Want
  • If You Can Count to Four - Overview
  • Think and Grow Rich Summary
  • Summary of the Science of Getting Rich

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The Strangest Secret Collection

0 ratings
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