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Figuring Out How to Help You Better - With Books and More

This follows up on working how to organize all the data I have - and all the different readers who follow my works - into just what they want in some place where they want to find it.

The plan is to have four memberships:

  • Living Stories Insiders Club (for fiction readers)
  • Bringing Stories to Life (for writers)
  • Get What You Want Out of Life (for goal achievers)
  • Regenerative Farming (for farmer, graziers, etc.)

All will be free memberships to opt into, while the two on writing will have paid versions where they get my newest published works delivered directly to them during each month, as published.

Right now, I'm starting on the Fiction area, as this is the most fun for me.

In this, I'm going to put representative anthologies available for the Hooman Saga and Ghost Hunters series, as well as any other collections needed. All to bring the reader (and myself) up to speed on how all these various characters join into making the huge Book Universes of those two main series.

The underlying goal for the Insiders Club is to get ready to resume writing and have everything ready and to hand with all the parts and tools in place for simply churning out a new fiction work every week. We have a lot of preps to go through here, since there are many prequels that should be written before we jump into the three-volume epic as planned.

For the Writers area, this will be setting down and working up the text book in sets of mini-courses which build up to a flagship course on the Writer's Craft, as well as the evergreen principles of earning income form your writing. This is for fiction writers as well as non fiction.

Goal Achievers will have access to the wealth of data I have on this, but organizing for both beginning students and veterans. There are already several mini-courses ready, in addition to several dozen books in this area. And so, we have a lot of work to accomplish here as well.

The Farming area has a key text and it's mini-course, but also many other great books that have been republished and still contain valuable data for all who work with the land and livestock.

- - - -

For each of these areas, I'm planning to have weekly emails (short, but informative) to tell the progress each week, and also to describe and promote the new materials inside the formal membership.

There will be free opt-ins for all of these, just to get the newsletter. Then the next level is to sign up to either support my writing directly or get access to courses that are inside that higher level.

Later on, I'll consider higher, paid levels for more advanced training, materials and/or services. All depending on what I can do with the time I have.

- - - -

So that brings us to the end of this update.

Do stay tuned. I've upgraded here on Gumroad to be able to send you direct emails to keep you posted. And these will be granular, so you don't get stuff about all four areas, since you only bought into certain other ones.

Minimally, I'll see you next week.

Luck to us all.


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