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Harvesting Your Production - Nightingale

Another essay by Earl Nightingale from the How to Completely Change Your Life Series

Harvesting Your Production

Since the first coins were fashioned circa 700 RC. somewhere in Asia: Minor, money has been one of man’s most interesting inventions.

But you might be surprised at the number of people who really don’t understand just what money is, and why we get as much or as little as we do. One hears people say that money is not important.

They’re wrong!

Money is just as important as the food it buys, the medical bills it pays, the education and homes it provides, and all the other things we cannot do without. It is absurd to say money is not as important as some other things. Nothing on earth will take the place of money in the areas in which it works.

And money is the harvest of our production. It is what we receive for our production, and what we can then use to buy the production of others. The amount of money a person receives will always be in direct proportion to the demand for what he does, his ability to do what he does, and the difficulty of replacing him. Of course this has nothing to do with the value of a human being as a human being. But most people can accurately measure the need for what they do, their ability to do it, and their indispensability by counting the money they receive for their work. Some exceptions to this rule of thumb may be teachers, research scientists, religious workers, and wives.

For example: A paper boy is just as important as a human being, as the president of the largest corporation. But since the paper boy can be replaced at any time, by virtually anyone, his income is small. On the other hand, the corporation president fills his position because of his skills and abilities, his knowledge, and as a result of many years of dedication and hard work. He therefore may earn as much in a month as another man earns in a year. A highly skilled brain surgeon can earn as much in an hour as an elevator operator might earn in a year. Our rewards in life will be in exact proportion to our contributions and the number of people to whom we contribute. Generally speaking, it can be said that if a person is not happy with the amount of money he is earning, he should examine his contribution.

A diamond is much more valuable than a lump of coal, but that is pretty much what a diamond was in the beginning. And, just as a diamond gun he fashioned by nature from a piece of coal, I human being can enormously increase his value to the world. This is something, however, that each individual must do for himself. A company growing at the rate of ten per n year will double in size in less than eight years. It might be a good idea to ask ourselves if we are growing in effectiveness at the rate of ten percent a year. If we are, we should be able to double our income every eight years.

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