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Hello, World!

Glad to see you here, too...

This new (to me) feature allows me to post here to just those buyers and followers that come to my production outlet here.

So, expect more of these posts in the near future.

It came to me, as an author, that with the improvements Gumroad has made recently, an author only really needs a mailing list provider + Gumroad (as their backend) to have any success they want.

And while I have a full-structured site with all the bells and whistles, the customers and clients who come here have self-selected themselves to be quite discriminating.

Plus, the granular approach to selecting just those buyers of certain types of products means that I can offer you more specific creations that match what you're already interested in.

Coming soon...

With this granularization, I'm going to be setting up an Insider's Club to benefit from my over-prolific output - and to help me by giving feedback to ideas of upcoming creations.

What I'd like to do for you is to let you in on what I'm writing - giving you the story notes and what I've done so far - and asking for your own what-if's and suggestions.

Insiders will always have a direct email link to me and will also have the opportunity to apply to become a First Reader for my released and soon-to-be released books.

Other membership areas, such as Goal Achievement, Writing/Publishing, and Farming will have similar treatments, since I have courses in this area and various supplementary books in addition to those I've published. In both of these areas, the major courses have yet to be built, so I'll be giving previews to see how you like things. Feedback, again.

Where I have regular new books coming out (as in the Fiction Insiders) this will be a paid membership that earns you the new books automatically sent to you - far more than any monthly dues...

For now, this is all drawing-board material.

I'm still checking out how much Gumroad has built these new features and how I can help you succeed with your own goals (and entertainment).

This post is simply the first of its kind, another test of what Gumroad has to offer.

Again, thanks for opening this - and for doing all that you do.

We'll be in touch...


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