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How to Get Rich - Earl Nightingale

How to Get Rich

How to Change Your Life in 30 Seconds - Compleat

Here are a few thoughts that you can make your own, thoughts which will guarantee you success all the years of your life. Now, that is quite a statement, but it’s true.

To begin, let us understand that growth and increase are a part of mankind and all of nature. It Is inherent in each of us to desire more. This is not wrong, it is perfectly natural, and the way it should be. This is true of all of us—the members of our families, our friends and associates, our ‘ customers. You should want to get rich in every department of your life. But what do I mean by “rich”? Getting rich, for you, is getting what you want very much. For some, it means a bigger in- come, or a large sum of capital. That is fine. You can get it without hurting, or even competing with, any other person. In fact, you can thereby increase the general well-being of everyone with whom you come in contact.

Unfortunately, the uninformed believe that you can only get ahead. in the world at the expense of someone else. This is not true. No one can become rich in any way without enriching others. Anyone who adds to prosperity must prosper in turn.

Getting rich, for you, may mean obtaining more love, greater peace of mind, owning the home of your dreams, or accomplishing something else you’ve set your heart upon. In short, getting rich is getting whatever it is you want very much. It’s as simple as that.

The first step is to understand completely that it is right for you to want what you want. All human activities are based on the desire for increase—people seeking more food, more clothes, more knowledge, more pleasure, more life.

The next step is to understand that you need not compete with or deprive anyone. Don’t compete—create! In this way, you add to the general well-being without taking anything away from anyone.

Remember to give to every person more than you take from him. Now at first this may sound absurd, so let us dig into it a little. In order for a business or a person to expand-and remember, expansion is the natural desire of mankind—we must give more in use value than we charge. A building nail doesn’t cost much, yet its use is great and goes on for years. This book didn’t cost much; yet if you can get ideas from it that can bring you more than you now have, its use value will greatly exceed its cost.

How much does it cost to give love, respect, and consideration to those near you? Very little, just a little extra effort. Yet love, respect, and consideration are priceless to the person receiving them.

This is the key:

Give more than you receive in everything you do.

In this way, you are building a great credit for yourself which must come to you in some form, sooner or later. You are taking out less than you are putting in, and by so doing you are building a tidal wave of future prosperity.

This is the Law of Increase. It is understood and followed undeviatingly by every successful businessman, artist, professional man, and. worker; by every successful mother and father and friend. It is the most striking attribute of all successful people, companies, or institutions.

Now, let us go back to creating instead of competing. You are the point from which all in- crease must stem. Not your company, your marriage partner, your parents, or your friends. You are the creative center of your universe. Increase must come from you personally. Find ways of doing the things you do which reflect you and your own unique talents and abilities. If you do this, no other person in the world can operate exactly as you do. You will not be competing with anyone, you will be creating from within yourself.

As you find new and better ways of giving more in use value than you are receiving in money, more and more people will turn to you. You will find your circle of friends increasing. If you are in business, you will find it continually growing, expanding. Do this in a quiet and unobtrusive manner. You don’t have to shout about how much you are doing for others. If you are doing more for others, they will recognize it and be drawn to you.

One of the most interesting things about such increase is that totally unexpected and wonderful things will begin to occur in your life. People you don’t know, who have exactly what you need, will make their appearance at the right time and the right place. Everything will begin to dovetail and your life will take on new meaning and direction and bring you far greater rewards. Let the impression of growth, of increase, mark everything you do.

As you do these things, keep constantly before you the Vision of what it is you intend to accomplish. Don’t worry about it; just know you are going to accomplish it and, following these rules, you cannot fail.  

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