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It's Gratitude Day! Plenty to be grateful for - like new releases...

Happy Thanksgiving! - colder days are here, on and off. Book writing/publishing continues...


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  • Brand-new short fiction and it's updated anthology.

  • Farm continues to move into fall. Cows are into stockpiled grazing now.

  • New materials in most all of the Libraries.

  • You're welcome to apply to add to our First Readers...

Farm News

Now for one of our scenic pictures - that's a big Sweetgum tree that stands by our house.  It makes little seed balls, which make fascinating Christmas tree ornaments, if you color them.

The carpet of leaves is amazing to "suddenly" notice out there. But I have to get out to look - this was a day where I was coming back up from the mailbox at the bottom of the hill. It was early morning, so the sun was giving long shadows toward the west. And that window behind it is where I write. 

You can tell by the light hitting the window that I get some direct sun through there for a few hours in the morning (meaning I pull the shade down for a bit.)

And that white-topped green fence post in front of the tree is part of the electric fence that runs around our front yard so the cows can graze there instead of mowing it during the growing season.

- - - -

Still producing book trailer videos for each of the new books. And any that I touch for any reason. While I'm updating anyway. So you can check out the link for each book I mention where you can watch the video...

Fiction Release - Harpy Spawn

A brand-new short fiction. And one of the most well-researched (so you want to get the Book Notes version...) It was inspired months ago from a Joseph Campbell "Mythos" video - and combined four other book-ideas into this one.


Sunset found me trying to understand why the small herd I was caring for was nervous and bawling.

It wasn't long before I saw what those cows were looking up at. Or rather, who.

Three human-sized females, each with broad wings, were circling above the herd, as if looking for their evening meal.

As I saw them, they spied me – and started dropping from the sky right toward the spot I stood on.

Since I couldn't outrun them, I just stood there - to see if I was going to die in the next few moments.

But no, they landed softly a few yards away, then folded their wings to run toward me – with smiles on their faces.

The next moment I was being smothered in tiny kisses and nearly suffocated with strong hugs.

“Pa!” Father!” “Daddy!” were all I heard.

How I managed to somehow sire three full-grown goddesses was the first question that came to mind.

The second question was how I was going to explain them to my fiancé...

- - - -

42 pages, nearly 9K words

- - - -

Available at all major online outlets:

Our Pay What You Want edition: (has the bonus video)

PS. This also updated the "Harpy Saga Anthology" - (161 pages, over 43K words, also with new video)

PPS. All the new videos can be accessed at:

Our No-Cost Libraries - 

We've had a few this year so far. And mainly, the books we have fit into a handful of categories. For your use, we've built these into libraries, which are all no-charge sign-ups to access PDF versions of them:

1. Completely Change Your Life Library (Goal Achievement)

2. Becoming a Writer Library: (Writing Craft)

3. Breakthrough Advertising Library (Copywriting)

4. Rational Grazing Library: (Regenerative Agriculture)

5. The Insiders Club (Fiction Readers)

All these Libraries are live now. They all work. Around a half-dozen of my top-selling books (as PDF's) are in each of these areas for you. (No charge, of course, so is the signup.)

These will help you fix things in those areas if that's something you want to work at.

And they are all interconnected, but I'll get back to that in later posts and newsletters.

What's New and Upcoming...

There's an overview post for you:

1. Completely Change Your Life Library

Of course the more-exciting fiction writing - and all these videos - pushed the new CYL book back again. Hopefully, this week... Meanwhile, a new Nightingale article was posted to the site. (Visit:

2/3. Becoming a Writer Library and Breakthrough Advertising Library

I'm continuing to push out new articles about simpler, faster, more productive writing methods. I've got a couple of posts for you - How Your Characters Come to Life, and Writing Perennial-Selling Classics.

4. Rational Grazing Library:

I'm continuing to test materials. And found another Garrish video to digest - along the line of getting off the hay habit. 

5. The Insiders Club:

The new release above is in there. And the book notes for it. By now, I think I've gotten most everything back there - plenty for you to keep busy with, anyway.

Needed: More First Readers...

I'm always searching for more First Readers - so feel free to answer this email and find out what it takes...

In all areas, the whole background purpose of these Libraries and all these books is to help you improve your life-skills so you can get everything you want out of life. And to help you enjoy everything you can meanwhile.

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You always have an open line to me. And I usually answer right away (unless I'm busy writing a new book.)

Do you have the latest "decoder ring"?!?

(If you just joined this list, the "decoder ring" is a collection of key references I use for inspiration - in both fiction and non-fiction. The principles in those essays are very much tested and acted on by the characters in my books - and you'll more of this influence in the upcoming fiction stories for this next year, as well as non-fiction.)

Note: yes, I just found another essay to include, right after I said I was done...

Just reply to this email and I'll send you the most current, updated version.

"One ring to decode them all."

Thanks again for opening this. And reading these books.

And leaving a rating on the Living Sensical site for the stuff you buy there.

And also leaving recommendations on Bookbub as well as reviews anywhere else.

You know, that "paying it forward" kinda thing.

Do keep sharing these books with your friends, too.

I hope your life is not too interesting to be overwhelming, but sufficiently engaging to keep you amused. (Like some of us here...)



PS. Again, you can always email me about anything.

...And here's another reminder to just reply to this for your own "decoder ring" book if you don't already have your own copy (or misplaced it, or want to make sure you have the latest version.)

What you're here for is to enjoy life. If you're not enjoying every single moment, then you're working too hard at living. Relax. Let go. Follow your bliss.

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