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[Readers Update] Contented Cows and calves, tiny home is closer, editing (and inspiration) continues...

The long saga continues - cows, cottages, and continuing inspiration...

  • While I let the bulls/steers back into the pond for water (dry), there is longer grass in the pasture they're in.
  • Stairway worked out well, painting while it rains, and final planning continues.
  • So busy with stuff that last week's course still wasn't uploaded - but good news on that...

Farm News

Four bulls/steers are at the home place, while the big herd has the "bottom". Everyone seems to be enjoying their new grass.

This is sometimes called "forest grazing", not because of the trees, but the height of the forage. 

Some farmers keep their cows out of the forested areas, but there is a constant evolution in farming which depends on the soil, cows, forage, and management. They will reach an optimal balance between them. There is no right answer or one solution fits all. I am making small changes every year toward the point of having sturdy cows that gain weight and stay healthy by the fewest inputs possible. That makes the farm sustainable. 

So we put the cows through all the property about twice a year. 

(Oh - there are two more calves than are obvious in this picture - see if you can find them.)

It's been dry lately, so these four "boys" are nearly out of water in their collection tanks (underneath the roof eaves), so I let them back into the pond area. Nice to have options.

Tiny Home Progress

A short work week left me painting while it rained outside. A second coat on the main loft, with a primer coat on the stairs. I'll have to move the refrigerator out to paint the underside, but that will probably be where I install shelving underneath it at the same time. 

I'm more inclined to simply build the kitchen counter and get that going. Because I can install the electrical at that point. 

October has its demands on my schedule (firewood, for instance) and November has more (holidays, hunting season). 

So - progress is a matter of how much and when.

Editing fills my "idle" moments

The "How to Change Your Life Compleat" has produced it's first mini-course.Called "How to Be Happy",  it's a set of 10 lectures that explain the basics of why happiness is serendipitous and found while you're busy accomplishing your bliss and goals. All now converted to video, which I hope to have in the Insiders Club soon. Meanwhile, I've worked to get the ebook preview up there (and yes, it's free in PDF format.)

I'd also suggest you get your own (free) copy of that "Compleat" book from the Insider's Club while you wait for the 2nd Edition to be released, hopefully in December. This is a golden ship which can help you sail your life into ever-clearing waters.

What's Ahead?

Summer fruit

Nuts and apples are showing up.

I found a great Walnut tree which was out of sync with all the rest (who are in their off-year). And I got two big buckets of walnuts from it. The first one is above.

Then I discovered our apple trees are dropping fruit - so I've got some apple picking to do.

And we are going to do some apple cider vinegar this winter - because it's good for the calves and cows. Plus, that uses all our cull apples.

Wild fruit next is persimmons - and maybe rose hips.

Oh - wait, there's more: Recent life-test results continue to confirm all I've been telling (some of) you for years - you can actually get/attain/acquire anything and everything you want out of life. Really. Whether it's finding a dear companion or a million-dollar salary. And it's all in that "Strangest Secret Collection" (my characters named it the "decoder ring"). You only have to take the leap of faith and test it for yourself...

(Again, to get your updated copy, just reply to this and ask - I'll send you the most recent edition if you don't have yours or misplaced it.) As well, I do need to get some courses up, so I'll start working these in once I get all the major non-fiction books republished.

Become a First Reader

First readers have now become collaborators. And get the first inklings of a story before anyone else except me. (They also get immediate notification and pictures of new calves.) Our interactions are what result in the Notes editions for each book. It's simple to become one - just raise your hand.

How to Raise Your Hand: Join the no-cost Insider's Club and then send me an email that you have. Tell me what you bring to the table. If you make a good case, I'll include you on my First Reader Emails.

Expect great things over the next year - and continuing...

Yes, a huge number of books are available in that Insiders Club. I don't think that most of you have most of these books - and so I keep this in every week to remind you that some of these stories would really appreciate your reading them.

Thanks again for opening this. And reading these books.

And leaving a rating on the Living Sensical site for the stuff you buy there.

As well as leaving recommendations on Bookbub in addition to reviews anywhere else.

You know, that "paying it forward" kinda thing.

Do keep sharing these books with your friends, too.

I hope your life is not too interesting to be overwhelming, but sufficiently engaging to keep you amused. (Like some of us here...)



PS. Again, you can always email me about anything.

What you're here for is to enjoy life. If you're not enjoying every single moment, then you're working too hard at living. Relax. Let go. Follow your bliss.

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