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[Readers Update] New Trilogy Released - Plans for each Library

Here's the latest new book published and the next project upcoming for each Library...


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I run a publishing house. And so the reason this weekly update here. Lots of books in several areas.

Three family hunting companions who want me to take them out for an adventure.

Progress in each of our Libraries

Completely Change Your Life

Expect a new Nightingale essay every Saturday. Something to reflect on for the just-passed and coming week.

The main topselling book, "How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds" is nearly ready for release - new cover, interior content reorganized, audiobook upgraded to match. Look for that soon...

Upcoming project: Claude M. Bristol's "Magic of Believing" has some incredible nuggets in it. I found an earlier edition which is much clearer, and want to update this and re-publish it, along with pulling the key tools out as a accompanying study guide. (Somewhere among my numerous back-burners.)

Becoming a Writer

Outside of the regular work in writing and publishing, I don't have anything for you this week.

There is a craft book that is in various stages of revision - because I've started and put-off this book so many times. Probably the best approach is to break these out into articles and then publish them, much like the weekly Nightingale essays above.

Breakthrough Advertising Library

Mainly, this area is on backburner. I do want to get the "Writing Non-Fiction" excerpt out, since this is the backbone of how Eugene Schwartz wrote his ads. It's all sitting there, I just need to upload it to Gumroad.

Rational Grazing Library

Of course, I find new observations every day, and am continuing to study. A lot of what you want to get out of this area depends on your vision for what you want. I'm working on updating "The Cow and Her Grass", which will make this into a course on its own. Watch for upcoming articles in this area in the "posts" section.

Insiders Guide

You'll find the below newly-released book in there as PDF, along with the Notes version, which compiles the notes for all three books into one, natch.

New Fiction Release 

Here's a nice value for you - all three stories in one book. What's interesting is that there are three different writing approaches used, as each book's story was approached differently. (Yes, those are two of the four pen-names I use - to separate and define the content.)

The Caretaker Trilogy


A trilogy about three generations of reclusive authors, the worlds they created around them, and the ones they loved.

- - - -

The Caretaker:

A Writer Recluse Places an Ad for a Caretaker and Gets More Than He Asked For

This quiet contemporary fiction has a calm romance beneath the seeming gruff exterior of a reclusive writer who wants his solitude above all else.

When a caretaker arrives who is every bit as quietly headstrong about keeping the place tidy, there have to be some adjustments...

- - - -

Triangle - A Memoir

"I want you to teach me about sex."

The lithe young thing was probably a third my age and somehow had wound up, pre-dawn, in my day-bed with only her thin nightgown between us.

"My Aunt says it's OK as long as you agree. And my grandmother recommended you."

I didn't know this girl or her Aunt. Or how she got into my bed.

I don't teach, I write mysteries.

And this was one for the books...

- - - -

Last Chance

I looked up and thought I saw Karl standing there.

“Oh hiya, Karl.”

But he didn't reply, said nothing. This wasn't his schedule, he's usually either fixing something or writing by now.

I looked over at him again.

Something was different.

This guy looked like Karl, but his mouth was open, staring. In another minute, he's be drooling.

I sat up and shaded my eyes against the glare. Then I saw that was a mistake. This wasn't Karl, this was a stranger – who was looking at my sunbathing. Nude sunbathing.

So I threw my sunscreen lotion bottle at him and tried to wrap myself in the old comforter.

The guy ducked. And turned away.

Too late for any hope of my propriety, though...

- - - -

Available at all major online outlets:

Our Gumroad discounted edition:

Non-Fiction Releases

We've had a few this year so far. And mainly, the books we have fit into a handful of categories. For your use, we've built these into libraries, which are all no-charge sign-ups to access PDF versions of them:

1. Completely Change Your Life Library (Goal Achievement)

2. Becoming a Writer Library: (Writing Craft)

3. Breakthrough Advertising Library (Copywriting)

4. Rational Grazing Library: (Regenerative Agriculture)

and, as earlier released for fiction readers - 

The Insiders Club (Fiction Readers)

And in general, I plan to tell you all about these, but for now, you can visit these. They all work. Probably a half-dozen of my topselling books in each of these areas for you. (No charge, of course, so is the signup.)

These will help you fix things in those areas if that's something you want to work at.

And they are all interconnected, but I'll get back to that in later posts and newsletters.

In general, I'd like to get some work in each area done every week (meaning new posts and videos as I can get back to them) so these improve and build into huge training line-ups where anyone can simply get themselves through the courses and materials step-by-step. But when I'm writing, I tend to shut everything else down or put them on back burners, so keep checking the Posts area of this Gumroad site to stay on top of things. 

For now, at least these above Libraries are there and will give you access when you sign up.

What's Upcoming

In fiction, there are a lot of stories in the planning stages which add up to everything we need to write a true epic trilogy of novels. The ones we are coming out with now are more or less prequels. They introduce the heroic characters and settings, villains and henchmen. All are parables, so they are based on real world ideas and material and concepts. That Insiders Club (again, a no-charge library, kept updated weekly) will help you get up to speed on all these fiction books we've released over nearly four years of writing so far. Next book in queue: "The Return of Walkaway Mary"

In non-fiction, when you get into those Libraries above, you'll find around a half-dozen key books in each area, all in PDF format. These are in planning stages of updating them, extracting articles for posting, generating video lessons to help you study the key points. And eventually, they'll build into larger courses. Most have a lot of peripheral books, which can be added from time to time.

In both areas, the whole background purpose is to help you improve your life-skills so you can get everything you want out of life. And to help you enjoy everything you can meanwhile.

As usual, I'm only here to help you anyway I can.

So, I'm getting back to my other work now. See you next week.

Robert C. Worstell

Chief Editor, Living Sensical Press

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