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[Readers Update] One more calf namerator challenge while I'm on vacation...

Vacation is a delightful chore. A few more days before I return. This means pausing things...


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  • Another Namerator request for this new calf, please...
  • I'll be on vacation when you get this.
  • Tiny home construction - pauses.
  • New courses, audiobooks, and updated anthologies also on pause for two weeks.
  • But meanwhile, become a First Reader by joining the Insider's Club and sending me an email... which I'll answer as soon as I get back.

Farm News

This week's featured calf is number 14 (four more to bring to you at this writing): 

What a beauty - she's got more white than black. Socks on all four legs, that white-tipped tail, no black around her eyes. And yet, those ears... So this should give you lot of fuel for your namerators (yes you can always send me more than one name.) Mother is named "Nosey", and this heifer is out of our new Hereford bull (hence, the face).

And here's your chance to give her a name - just reply to this email with your inspiration(s)...

Cozy Cottage (Tiny Home) Progress

Now, since I'm taking my romance research subject on a short vacation, the cottage progress is on hold until I return. Next week, there will hopefully be more good news.

Fiction Re-releases on Hiatus

Once I get back, the three Ghost Hunter Canons are all but ready to bring out in new versions. And these were each built from four Ghost Hunter anthologies. The first one will have a special introductory price, and will only be a direct link (for obvious reasons) as this gets advertised to get people into that fiction series.

Next week's newsletter should have more news on these. Plus there are other paperbacks to get issued, like the J. R. Kruze collections. 

Still, I have another fiction story which is still writing itself (and being a bit insistent about being written in spite of.)

Once I'm back and refreshed from the "vacay", then we'll be able to get all excited over new stuff. 

Courses and Audiobooks News

There's too much to do here in too little time. So I'm not bringing anything out new at this point. Visit and do a search to find all that are out there already. Plenty of stuff to help you improve your life. 

Once I get back from this "vacay", then I'll ramp some stuff up again. There is a lot to do to make these books into courses. And plenty of new courses to build into books. (Like all this wealth of data I'm sitting on about writing.)

The plan is to start generating videos, which then become the course, which then become the book-versions. And if you know anything about my "firehose of content" you know how easy making new course/books/etc. is these days. Just takes time, which is in short supply this summer. I'll be doing homework on how to ramp this up in any spare time during this "vacay".

So, patience becomes the watchword...

What's Ahead?

Taking a vacation - but I'm still bringing stuff to you...

I'll be in the Smoky Mountains (still) when you get this. For just a couple more days. Mainly this "vacay" is for my romance research partner. Last two years were rough on many of us, and despite the high gas prices, she wants to see the Smoky Mountains (from her bucket list) - so I managed to persuade my sister to mind the cows for a week. Then I'll come back to set the bulls in with their respective herds for next year's calves.

As promised, these newsletters have kept coming while I'm gone, with cute calf namerator challenges.

PS. Summer fruit

Blackberries and Elderberries are in their prime right now. So I should have tales of syrup and jelly being produced - when I get back from my dreamy-eyed "research".

Oh - wait, there's more: The recent results just confirm all I've been telling (some of) you for years - you can actually have and be anything and everything you want out of life. Really. Whether it's finding a dear companion or a million-dollar salary. And it's all in that "Strangest Secret Collection" (my characters named it the "decoder ring"). You only have to take the leap of faith and put it into use...

(Again, to get your updated copy, just reply to this and ask - I'll send you the most recent edition if you don't have yours or misplaced it.) As well, I do need to get some courses up, so I'll start working these in once I get all the major non-fiction books republished.

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How to Raise Your Hand: Join the no-cost Insider's Club and then send me an email that you have. Tell me what you bring to the table. If you make a good case, I'll include you on my First Reader Emails.

Expect great things over the next year - and continuing...

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You know, that "paying it forward" kinda thing.

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I hope your life is not too interesting to be overwhelming, but sufficiently engaging to keep you amused. (Like some of us here...)



PS. Again, you can always email me about anything.

What you're here for is to enjoy life. If you're not enjoying every single moment, then you're working too hard at living. Relax. Let go. Follow your bliss.

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