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[Readers Update] Past half-way on calves - and an updated masterwork course reappears...

Surprised by a mystery calf... an updated anthology, plus a masterwork course returns.


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  • Get your Namerator ready for this new calf, please...
  • Breakthrough Copywriter is now here for you - at it's new home.
  • Another updated anthology..
  • Romance research and tiny home construction continue.
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Farm News

We had a surprise calf - because I was counting heads and came up with an extra one. (No, not a two-headed calf, but a whole new calf whose mother quietly had her in amongst the others.)

As I write this, we're at 13, which is over half way. I'll introduce them one at a time, and get new pictures of them for you. (8 more calves to drop - for those keeping count...)

This week's featured calf is number 7: 

Momma's name is "Comma" for a tiny white mark on her forehead. This is another bull calf. Yes, that's a tiny tip of white on it's tail, but no socks. White forehead from its dad, white stripe from its mom. So feel free to give me your ideas for a name. So just reply to this with your inspiration...

Cozy Cottage (Tiny Home) Progress

Still cutting and installing nailers. On the home stretch. About 6 more 16ft 2x4's worth of wood to install before we'll be ready for sheathing. We do have an option to paint the underside of the loft white, if I get some help while I continue to work on the carpentry. And I may have a few consecutive days of "help" coming up...

And now: Breakthrough Copywriter Course is back!

These are 10 streaming videos which lay out the core data of this book - plus transcripts and bonus lessons. 


There once was a copywriter who made millionaires from people who read his book - but never wrote an ad themselves.

Eugene Schwartz wrote a classic on copywriting that is probably one of the most powerful, and profitable, books on copywriting and marketing ever written.

That book has been kept available only as a rare hardback gift edition. Generations of copywriters haven't had access to this material. And the world would be a poorer place, except...

Schwartz was fortunately also prolific as a speaker.

So we are able to bring notes of his lectures and an insider's review of his classic text to you - so you can learn at the feet of a master once again.

You can learn:

  • How to create ads which sell your products at the expense of your competition.
  • Find which roles your customer really wants to play and align these to your product.
  • Discover how to get a product to sell no matter how people have already heard about it or how many products like it are already out there.
  • Learn how to control your audience by being their friend.

This tribute to his genius is also a guidebook so you can duplicate his success with your own copywriting. Or simply understand how to instantly recognize what is good advertising and what it not.

Marketing (and its advertising) is the one skill that enables you to achieve and maintain your success in any industry, anywhere on this planet. And that's been true throughout history.

How to learn what good marketing (and good advertising) consists of can be found in this book. And if you want to really learn how to write great ads on your own - the simple three step training program is here, too.

Please enjoy this journey to greater ease and profit. The genius of Eugene Schwartz can teach you, starting immediately.

Enroll Now. Instant Access.

- - - - 

10 streaming videos, latest PDF version of the ebook - which includes transcripts and bonus lessons.

Pay What You Want:

New Fiction Re-release - Ghost Hunters Anthology 11

These go to fourteen in this series, so we still have a few weeks. Again, in these re-issues. I'm updating the backmatter as well as ensuring the paperback is available. The link (below) will later be updated for each, with links to where that paperback version is available.


The adventures of the Ghost Hunters continue - with more exotic locations and hair-raising paranormal adventures than ever before:

 - A triple crossover story, where a time-bender discovers she is about to be erased from history unless she helps both her author friend and a soon-to-be boyfriend out of their respective time loops.

 - The Ghost Hunter team travels to China to resolve the problem of a Chinese emperor and his empress who are living outside of time while in our time-line the Great Chinese desert continues to expand and threaten all life on this planet.

 - The final story in the Healers Chronicles resolves the plight of two scientists who are trapped by the same virus they are studying.

 - Two duplicate people find themselves on Earth. One is a child, the other a savvy politician and power-crazy. To solve either, you must solve both - before the Western World is plunged into crisis with an assassination attempt during the State of the Union speech…

This first quarter anthology of short story fiction by S. H. Marpel and various co-authors brings you new ideas to digest - all in the short periods of time you have available. 

Solve the mysteries of the paranormal as common-place - If you can.

This Anthology contains:

- Walkaway Mary by S. H. Marpel
- Empress Oracle by S. H. Marpel, J. R. Kruze
- The Healers Chronicles: Miracles by S. H. Marpel
- Doppel by S. H. Marpel, R. L. Saunders

- - - -

Over 49K words, 206 pages.

Our Pay What You Want edition:

Available at all major online outlets:

What's Ahead?

Some new books working in the background.

Mysteries got my fancy, sorting out the reasons some are great and some are also-ran. So I've been compiling all the sources I've studied on what makes a mystery great. And came up with surprising results from the masters I've studied earlier. (Nothing like refreshing your understanding and getting new ones. 

This is also forcing an update on all I know about writing, working backwards from a course...

Studying Romance continues - in person.

My weeks are tight with too much work these weeks. Fencing and rotating pastures are competing with studying my "certain other" who is very understanding - to a point. And we have our own adventures upcoming, which you'll hear about soon. But the overall point is not that it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but rather they come up with new approaches due to their wide, previous experiences...

And meanwhile... The updating and re-publishing continues. 

I'm continuing in updating all the Ghost Hunter Anthologies. There are 14 of them, so you can get your collections updated. We're just over half-way now. Once those are done, then I'll be reviewing and updating all the other anthologies in order of how well they are selling (or your own favorites...)

I'm now publishing the ready courses, as well as backlogged audio books that haven't been published. These take more time than simply updating an existing book. Time I have to carve out somehow...

All this means is that you are still going to have some refreshed reading material every week, while I'm busy on the farm, building stuff, and "studying" real-world romance in my "spare" time.

So - stay tuned...

Oh - wait, there's more: The recent results just confirm all I've been telling (some of) you for years - you can actually have and be anything and everything you want out of life. Really. Whether it's finding a dear companion or a million-dollar salary. And it's all in that "Strangest Secret Collection" (my characters named it the "decoder ring"). You only have to take the leap of faith and put it into use...

(Again, to get your updated copy, just reply to this and ask - I'll send you the most recent edition if you don't have yours or misplaced it.) As well, I do need to get some courses up, so I'll start working these in once I get all the major non-fiction books republished.

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First readers have now become collaborators. And get the first inklings of a story before anyone else except me. Our interactions are what result in the Notes editions for each book. It's simple to become one - just raise your hand.

How to Raise Your Hand: Join the no-cost Insider's Club and then send me an email that you have. Tell me what you bring to the table. If you make a good case, I'll include you on my First Reader Emails.

Expect great things over the next year - and continuing...

Thanks again for opening this. And reading these books.

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You know, that "paying it forward" kinda thing.

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I hope your life is not too interesting to be overwhelming, but sufficiently engaging to keep you amused. (Like some of us here...)



PS. Again, you can always email me about anything.

What you're here for is to enjoy life. If you're not enjoying every single moment, then you're working too hard at living. Relax. Let go. Follow your bliss.

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Robert as the little white tip comes at the end of his little body,. just like a full stop does at the end of a sentence, and his mother is comma then he has to be full stop.

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Nice name idea. It's on the list for final choice.

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