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[Readers Update] Peak Fall continues, wild fruit vinegars, cozy cottage electrical - while editing (and inspiration) continues...

A great time to be alive - because life keeps getting better and better...


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  • Peak Fall color is upon us (in this neighborhood) and I've found the secret to how it vanishes.
  • What to do with fruit that's going bad before you can do something with it?
  • The Cozy Cottage gets some power. Right before I need to plug in a heater.
  • Reading some amazing essays every day - a nice diet.

Farm News

"Peak Fall" is here - and will be gone within a week or so..

I've found the secret to why fall color leaves so fast - and it's in this sentence.


Yes, they fall (in the fall) and so their color winds up on the ground temporarily. 

Most of the leaves turning the ground orange and yellow are from Paw-paw, Soft Maple, and Sycamore. Walnut and Buck-eyes, along with some Ash, are already shed. This leaves several species to go gold, such as the Red Maple and Hackberries - who will follow suit with their own shedding shortly. 

Meanwhile, life is golden and good.

Hope your fall is as nice. (And in the southern hemisphere - that your spring is glorious.)

Tiny Home Progress

Electrical started. And should be nearly complete by the time you get this. (No, it's not very picturesque, so no photo this week.)

Of course, the funny thing is that the new kitchen counter just became a workbench to put my electrical parts and tools on. (Yes, I'll clean it thoroughly before I plug in a coffee pot to test my circuits with.)

First in the electrical is the AC, which is pretty straight forward. All the lines run under the house and up to the wheel wells on each end. The kitchen counter gives me framing where the boxes are going to be covered. Steps from the stairs take another, and then I will build out a shelf to hold the refrigerator on that last corner to also shield that last outlet. Two circuits will exist - so if too many cooking appliances are run at once, I won't lose all the power.

DC is next, which is designed to be all my lighting. This runs back under the house as well, where it will connect to a utility battery, which is connected in turn to a charger which maintains its charge. Plans are in the works for a solar charger to also go onto that circuit. I can run several small devices from that DC via an inverter - testing everything as I go.

Of course the trick is that my lights are run on batteries, so if the power goes in the middle of the night, I should be fine. Another step toward an off-grid home.

Weather was in the mid-20's the last two nights (Farenheit)  While I put the paint just inside the main house to keep it from freezing, it's a note that my painting days are numbered due to temperature. So the touch-ups and second coats will take new priorities.

Again - progress is a matter of how much and when. Even the little bits.

Editing fills my "idle" moments

I continue to be inspired by Nightingale daily.

The "How to Change Your Life Compleat" is still getting edited every day - and I find his takes on life and living to be remarkable. And so, these short comments.

I haven't gotten back to creating the rest of these essays into videos yet, but their time will come. Winter has many too cold days that need to be spent inside...

Again, your own version of that book (1st Edition) is in the Insiders Club, waiting to be downloaded...

What's Ahead?


If you look up Apple Cider Vinegar, you can find multiple recipes to create your own - which saves the high cost of buying organic vinegar in stores.

Look up "fruit vinegar" and you'll find that pretty much all fruit can be converted into a flavored vinegar. These vinegars are good for you and can be use in many different ways, in addition to salad. Any recipe that calls for vinegar can use your homemade version.

Mainly, you chop up the fruit and put it into a glass bottle, cover with non-chlorinated water, and wait a couple of months (yes, there's more details to it, but search engines will find lots of articles and videos.

I was running into the use of apple cider vinegar for improving cattle health - but the costs were ridiculous. I'm scaling these recipes up into 5 gallon buckets that will do the work for me over winter in some dark but non-freezing space.

I even found they can be made out of persimmons - so that will be good timing to show up after the apple picking (which should be complete before you get this.

Oh - wait, there's more: Recent life-test results continue to confirm all I've been telling (some of) you for years - you can actually get/attain/acquire anything and everything you want out of life. Really. Whether it's finding a dear companion or a million-dollar salary. And it's all in that "Strangest Secret Collection" (my characters named it the "decoder ring"). You only have to take the leap of faith and test it for yourself...

(Again, to get your updated copy, just reply to this and ask - I'll send you the most recent edition if you don't have yours or misplaced it.) As well, I do need to get some courses up, so I'll start working these in once I get all the major non-fiction books republished.

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How to Raise Your Hand: Join the no-cost Insider's Club and then send me an email that you have. Tell me what you bring to the table. If you make a good case, I'll include you on my First Reader Emails.

Expect great things over the next year - and continuing...

Yes, a huge number of books are available in that Insiders Club. I don't think that most of you have most of these books - and so I keep this in every week to remind you that some of these stories would really appreciate your reading them.

What you're here for is to enjoy life. If you're not enjoying every single moment, then you're working too hard at living. Relax. Let go. Follow your bliss.

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