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[Readers Update] Spring Struggles and Appears - as well as updated fiction anthology and non-fiction classic...

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Farm News

There's always time to appreciate beauty that arrives on the farm. While we only get  cute newborns once a year, and ideally close together, there's also the infrequent sunsets (and sunrises) which you have to look for - and have a camera ready to capture and share.

I've waited for more than half an hour, sometimes in a bitter wind, just to see if "God's Canvas" was going to light up for me that evening. So I've become pretty savvy about watching the cloud formations to predict which ones the sun was going to paint golden just for a few scant minutes at night. Or - had to go without shoes to run out and take a quick picture in the morning once I glimpsed it out one of our eastern windows. Despite a layer of frost sometimes tingling the soles.

I don't often share these with you all, but such beautiful scenes happen at least twice or more each month on average - if I'm looking for them. This one was taken right after that one you saw with the very pregnant cows last week.

And more than likely, you could witness them wherever you live, too... 

(Note the skim ice on the back edge of the pond. And that's a calico cat lazing on the back yard - lower left. Yes, we have a three-acre pond in our back yard.)

Tiny Home Progress

Still two projects ongoing. That mini-office is the test case for our new tiny home. I'm pushing both through, but now the mini-office right now has priority on both finish framing and electrical. The fine Amish crew I used are more used to building sheds, so I have to set both up for accepting interior sheathing (1/4" mahogany plywood) The floor paint turned out great once it dried. I'll put a polyurethane coating on both floors one of these warmer days (has to be applied 8 hours apart for two layers). Then we'll have an indestructible base which we can cover with throw rugs, carpeting, or anything else. This week looks warmer, so we should finish both framing and electrical, ready for sheathing. Stay tuned... (Maybe even pix?)

New Fiction Re-release - Ghost Hunters Anthology 02

The second in these re-issues. I'm updating the backmatter as well as ensuring the paperback is available. The link (below) will be updated for each links where the paperback is available.


The Continuing Saga of the Ghost Hunters

A mystery-detective writer is recruited by two enticing young spirit guides, who are capable of transporting him through space and time to solve the problems of ghosts stuck in this dimension.

A follow-up anthology with their continuing adventures, as they further explore the unseen enemies they face who want to keep the ghosts haunting here.

As well, the relationships between a young man and two very female guides develop as they continue working side-by-side. All learning from their various adventures and mysteries.

This anthology contains:

  • The Haunted Ghost
  • Faith
  • Harpy
  • The Ghost Who Loved

- - - -

Over 26K words, 104 pages.

Our Pay What You Want edition:

Available at all major online outlets:

Updated: Tested Sentences That Sell - Second Edition

Updated with additional material, and a new paperback version.


Why the Sizzle Sells the Steak

To understand advertising, you need to understand salesmanship. 

Both are filled with mis-steps, gimmicks, and frauds. 

Advertising is widely understood to be “Salesmanship in Print.” Understanding what makes a successful salesman then gives you the basics of what will make successful ads. With this tested collection of solutions, any person is well on their way to understanding human nature and how to approach prospects in order that marketing becomes routinely effective. 

Only when a person knows to test and re-test everything they find will success show up. During 10 years of research, Wheeler tested over 105,000 words and phrases on more than 19 million people, resulting in the development of his “5 Wheeler Points”. 

These principles as powerful today as they were when this book was originally published in 1937. Even as things change, technology transforms, business evolves – human nature has stayed the same. 

Master these secrets for yourself.

- - - - 

Over 56K words, 226 pages

Pay What You Want: 

Also available at online ebook outlets:

What's Ahead?

Studying Romance continues - and testing what I discover in person...

So now, I have my own and personal muse for studying this area with. And that's a nice thing. (I've always written my fiction books with a lot of cuddling, but now I have more research into this area...) And, as usual, I'm finding most of the texts about real romance to be completely off base. Both in how to write up the subject in fiction and non-fiction. 

While this study takes away from other work, it also inspires me to be more efficient with the time I have (as well as other inspirations.) At least it's a very delightful study...

Oh - my collaboration continues - with a delightful story of how another character gets her redemption - which adds to an existing series. And, another dystopian satire is in the offing (inspired by our current disastrous political mess.)

And meanwhile... As covered above, the tiny home work continues. And that mundane process is also giving me more inspiration (just as Dorothea Brande points out).

The updating and re-publishing continues meanwhile. 

I've continued updating all the Ghost Hunter Anthologies. There are 14 of them, so you can get your collections updated.

On non-fiction, we are continuing through the rest of the copywriting books (which give you an edge in writing both fiction and non-fiction, by the way. After that should follow the "goal achievement" books, and finally wrap it up with existing farming books, followed by the existing writing books.

There is also completely republishing the Napoleon Hill PMA: Science of Success book series.

Courses will then follow, as I have already several prepared from nearly a year ago. And new ones to build for each of the major topselling books above.

All this means is that you are still going to have fresh reading material every week, while I'm busy on the farm, building stuff, and "studying" real-world romance in my "spare" time.

So - stay tuned...

Oh - wait, there's more: The recent results just confirm all I've been telling (some of) you for years - you can have and be anything and everything you want out of life. Really. Whether it's finding a dear companion or a million-dollar salary. And it's all in that "Strangest Secret Collection" (my characters named it the "decoder ring"). You only have to take the leap of faith and put it into use...

(Again, to get your updated copy, just reply to this and ask - I'll send you the most recent edition if you don't have yours or misplaced it.) As well, I do need to get some courses up, so I'll start working these in once I get all the major non-fiction books republished.

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Expect great things over the next year - and continuing...

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I hope your life is not too interesting to be overwhelming, but sufficiently engaging to keep you amused. (Like some of us here...)



PS. Again, you can always email me about anything.

What you're here for is to enjoy life. If you're not enjoying every single moment, then you're working too hard at living. Relax. Let go. Follow your bliss.

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