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Well congratulations!!!!! on purchasing a new Pharo bull. I have followed your bus trip of improvement to your ranch and applaud you for the decisions you have made along the way, but felt that you had got off the bus one stop too early. The next stop should have been GENETICS as that will get you where you want to go quicker than most off your other management decisions, and now you have made that move and I congratulate you for choosing Pharo genetics. The only comment that I have on the bull is that you should ,in my opinion not buy a physical bull but start using artificial insemination and that would allow you to carry at least two more mature cows and their progeny. On a small outfit like yours you need to maximize your carrying capacity.AI is not difficult to learn, you strike me as a fellow that is pretty switched on and would pick it up fairly easily. I realize that it is another thing that you have to fit into your day, with observing the herd for estrus but you become very efficient at it after a while. A couple of hours a day would be all that would be needed to observe the herd and of course time needed to inseminate them. Give it some thought Robert ,an outsiders point of view. I was a contract Inseminator for some ten years in both beef and dairy cattle so have a good knowledge on the subject. Greg Kilgour

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Greg, Good to hear from you. Your AI logic is sensible. And would have been a great way to try Pharo genetics with lower upfront costs. But now, I've got that big bruiser and he's given us a tremendous crop this last year. Not too oddly, he gave us our best results on the bigger cows. My problem is watching the bottom line - and lack of someone I could inherently trust with that investment. And that we'll be a couple more years before that investment is recouped, it's nice to have that idea going on a back burner. I just watched some PCC videos and saw what my new ideal for calves should be. Very impressive. How is your writing going? Were those books I sent any help? Thanks again for your comment - and I hope that everything else is going well. Robert

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