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[Reader's Update] When Winter Isn't Winter - a brand new fiction - dating is over-rated...

Winter may be warm right now, but still best for catching up on writing...


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  • Cows are on hay bales when it suits them, skimming grass otherwise...

  • Brand new short story for you - and a trilogy coming...

  • Dating site research resulted in its own book.

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Farm News

Our "home herd". Gene, our "retired" Galloway bull, with the brown Dexter "Shorty", and her calf "Whatsit" (because he's never had a name that stuck.)

That's a big round bale behind them which is good for cold days when they need something to burn to keep warm. Otherwise, they still like to skin off whatever short grass they can find. 

The Hereford bull ("Big Red") is with the main herd and keeping them happy. Gene is up here with Shorty's company until last year's heifers are ready to be "settled". Galloways "throw" small calves, so that first calf is as easy as we can make it for the upcoming momma's.

For now, these and the main herd are all happy with all the hay they can eat, water, and trees behind them as shelter.

New Fiction Release - Death by Sales Pitch

All new fiction - this creates a trilogy of books. And it started when one of my First Readers noticed a new married couple showed up and asked, "How did that happen?" This book fits between Death by Advertising and Death by Marketing. (Trilogy itself to arrive shortly on our site, will be announced next week.)


Another death - of someone too young, too healthy.

Another full-page ad in the New York Times.

Except this funeral was in Austin, Texas - not even upstate NY.

A few phone calls got the same back-trail: Cremation, ashes spread with no witnesses - only a video as "evidence".

This was the same scene where my lover disappeared. Only, she was still alive - somewhere.

All this meant: someone was sending me a message to solve these serial "deaths"...

- - - -

Our Pay What You Want edition: 

Available at all major online outlets:


New Non-Fiction: Avoiding Online Dating Pitfalls

Online Dating is a bit better than the age-old message-in-a-bottle system - just slightly...

I've pushed this through to get it done and out to you. Because my research is complete. I got a new deep friendship and have moved on from these sites. (Yes, ladies, I'm still single, but now you can reach me by the email you already have...)

The summary: the dating sites don't work very well, but can be made to work. They are rife with scammers, spammers, and fakes, but also a lot of nice people who just want new friends.

All the tips I have for people staring out are in this book, and how I got the results I did (in just three weeks).

Since those research notes wound up being as long as one of my short stories, I just published it as a book (instead of online articles) - mainly so that I could get back to my writing (that fiction one above.)

Pay What You Want:

Paring this down...

I've pulled most of the boilerplate links out of this email to simplify it. Because we both are very busy. 

I'm back to regular writing and farming. Winter is a great time to stay inside and write. 

Expect great things over the next two months - and continuing...

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