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Why Fiction Writing is So Much Darned Fun...

Because you don't have to accept the world as it is and can write your own ending.

All while exploring from the comfortable surroundings of your own home - or maybe some wifi-enabled coffee shop.

Writing starts with an inspired answer to a "what-if" question, and then proceeds along to a theme that the author wants to investigate. Because that theme is impacting his own life.

Today, I pulled up a book I wrote back in Nov 2018 about a highly-contagious virus that was being cured through unconventional methods and treatments, all despite the mandated medicines and protocols. To see I wrote something that is panning out 3 years later is fun, but it was more fun simply writing the story.

In that story, the mind-over-matter faith healing concept was core. And the virus was a metaphor to explore a lot of the silliness we were hitting into through our own government-media complex (and which has only gotten more apparent since.)

Yes, the hero and heroine return to the Midwest and out of the big cities, but that's my preference on living life.

And so, it's great to see an ending to a story that parallels my own way of living, my own lifestyle.

That's the point of writing stories to life. You read what you love and write the stories you'd love to read. That's the simplest principle behind being constantly happy with your writing. And look forward to your writing sessions. Because during that time, the world is your oyster, so to speak. If you love what you're writing, then so will your readers. And if you think something should be fixed, then do so.

Proofing your own work is a lot like that. Polish the points that interrupt your own reading. I like to use a method that flows like this:

1) Write the story as best you can, get it all out there.

2) Take a break from it. Then come back and revise that story wherever it's rough - a first polish.

3) I then convert is to a suitable ereader version and proof it by simply high-lighting the word(s) which could be better, and read through the whole book again. Then you come back to the word processor and fix those passages - and only those - unless you see something else, or that means you have to add something additional somewhere.

4) Then I get it formatted by Draft2Digital (which is free, BTW) and then download it to proof again. This round is simply highlighting errors. And fixing only those errors - nothing else.

4a) My First Reader gets it at that point and then will tell me her points and issues. Almost usually minor.

5) Then I finish publishing it. And start my "assembly line" marketing, which is an earlier post in this series.

Meanwhile, I have every chance to fix things where my story doesn't get and keep me transported and entranced in that story.

Because it needs to become a story I'd love to read.

(Frankly, a third proofing is seldom needed - because I become bored and start skipping over things. Plus, I usually have another story that is nudging me to write it to life next.)

If you're writing what you love, then life is a pretty happy scene. It doesn't matter if you're writing romance or horror - you are writing better books into existence which make you happy. You love the books you write, their characters, their plot twists, and so on. Part time or full time, the world around you becomes a better. place

Have fun with this.

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